Upcoming Scout Events

As we head into the fourth term, the number of events in scouts drops off to accommodate exams. While we continue with our weekly meetings, the number of weekend events is minimal in October and November. The events are available on our Google Calendar which you can access here.

First up is PLTC (Patrol Leader Training Course) which some of scouts will be attending from 21 – 24 September.

This is followed by an overnight hike on the Greyton-Mcgregor Trail on the 28th/ 29th September. This is a lovely hike along the valley between the two villages.

The next weekend, on the 6th October, we have a permit for an afternoon hike in Orangekloof. This hike is limited to a mere 12 people. We will descend via the Jeep Track. Orangekloof is the last substantive Afro-Montane forest on Table Mountain and has remained uncut and unburnt for more than 100 years so a hike through here is a walk through history.

Our annual Group Campfire takes place on the 17th October in the evening and we hope to have families present to enjoy a campfire evening. This event closes off the year until…

The Annual Camp, which takes place at Hawequas. The camp is being run by two of our Springbok Scouts. Annual camp is an important training and advancement opportunity as well as a great time for fun.

And that will wrap up 2019….

2020 is just over the horizon!!

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