Luke discusses online scouting

In accordance with with Covid 19 regulations, scouts have not been able to meet physically. This means that they have had to revert to online scouting. It is still a massive learning curve for everyone and there are a few difficulties that the scouts still have to figure out. Some of these difficulties include: connection problems, hearing problems, and sometimes a whole lot of people talking all at once. Another problem that is difficult is delegation as everyone may do the same activity when they could be doing different activities.

All in all, the scouts are finding online scouting meetings quite fun (depending on what is planned for the evening). If it follows a story line then it is more enjoyable than if we just have to do the same thing over and over again for the whole meeting. One of the most recent games that the scouts enjoyed a lot was ‘Crisis Command’.

Online scouting is a lot more different from normal scouting, in the sense that you’re just sitting in front of a screen instead of being active and playing games where you actually run around and use energy. Another big difference is that the scouts don’t really learn the things that they would if they were meeting physically, other than the online advancement evening which is great for the Travellers.

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