Jack on Upton

I think Upton Shield was one of the standouts of my year. After having such a miserable and boring year due to Covid, I think this event really helped with entertaining the scouts after such a long break from it. This year I was very surprised at how confident my team was going into the competition — we all seemed that we really were determined to win.

At the same time we wanted to enjoy ourselves and have as much fun along the way, and we did this by telling jokes, having conversations and giving nicknames, which included Holly who is now known as the Plant Lady due to the fact that on the second base she seemed to know every plant they showed us except the Bluegum which she was really annoyed about.

Other highlights included when every judge seemed to ask as if we knew Daniel Le Jeune after finding out we were from 1st Claremont. It seems everyone knows Daniel in the scouting world. This was very annoying but it got worse when two judges asked us to give Daniel some sweets but thankfully Daniel was very kind and gave the sweets to us to share when we delivered them to him.

There are way too many funny stories from Upton to tell in just one article so I will end it here. Upton Shield was awesome this year — not just because we won (that’s an added bonus), but because it was such a fun experience that we will remember our whole life and that’s what I personally think scouts is about.

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