Opening a new Scout Group in Claremont

Big news: we are planning to open another cub pack and scout troop in Claremont! The idea has been around for a while – our growing group can’t keep up with our long waiting list, so there is clearly demand for more groups in our area. 

We are planning to start by finding adults who are interested in training to become cub leaders of the new cub pack. With that team, we can start a new cub pack, and hopefully expand to include a new scout troop as well soon afterwards.

If you are interested in being involved, please get in touch. It’s not essential to have been a cub or scout, and training is available. It obviously helps if you’re good with children, and enjoy the outdoors, teamwork, life skills and community service! Being a cub leader is fun and rewarding. 

For more background

1st Claremont has a full cub pack and a very long waiting list. When families apply for a place, we warn about the long wait (as much as 2 years) and provide details of other nearby packs which may have a place available, but we are not able to find places for everyone. Our scout troop has a similar waiting list challenge.  Clearly there is a demand for more scout groups in Claremont and surrounds.

In the 1980s and 1990s there were four thriving groups in Claremont (and even a 5th and 6th Claremont if you go back further in history). There was a decline in the 1990s when 2nd and 4th Claremont closed, 3rd Claremont closed its scout troop, and 1st Claremont closed its cub pack. 1st Claremont’s cub pack reopened in 2014, and since then the group has seen continuous growth, even successfully launching our Meerkat branch during the pandemic.

So, it’s a great time to launch a new scout group in the Claremont area. Our plan is to recruit leaders to launch a cub pack during 2021, accepting 7 and 8 year old cubs initially. That gives the new group two years to establish its own scout troop in time for their first 11 year olds to go up to Scouts.

We will probably run the new group in the 1st Claremont hall for a few months to establish the new group before moving to another hall in Claremont.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact

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