Laura and Julia tell us about the troop expedition

Laura H says: At the end of last year, we went on an expedition in small groups, for three days. On the first day we did community service, at Glen Cairn, for Simon’s Springbok. We did activities, including pulling up alien plants. On the second day, we did a photo hunt at Greenpoint, and went down to the beach to explore the rock pools. We went to Appleton campsite, located on Signal Hill, and built shelters for the night. In the morning we packed up and went on a hike to Elephant’s Eye, and then down to Silvermine Dam.

Julia was in another patrol and did a different sequence:

At the end of last year we went on a 3 day expedition in small groups. On the first day we went to Greenpoint and did a photo hunt and then went down to the rock pools and explored them a bit. That evening we went up to Appleton campsite on Signal Hill and built shelters that we slept in. In the morning after breakfast, we packed up and went to Tokai Forest where we started a hike and ended it at Silvermine Dam. The next day we did community service for Simon’s Springbok, at Glen Cairn. We pulled up alien plants and did other things around the site.

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