Committee Notes


The Scout hall is looking great after it was painted in mid March by DC Painters (Dennis Cain), organised by Pierre who has taken over the hall maintenance portfolio. We have used DC Painters twice now and been very happy with their work. This will be our main hall improvement this year (last year was the repair and treatment of the wooden floor).

Vagrancy and security

During lockdown there was increased vagrancy in the deteriorating vacant property next door, which at times spilled over into vagrants sleeping in our front garden. There was also a fire in the hedge right next to the hall, which fortunately did not spread, but which was a major concern. The trustees of the land next door allowed us to cut the hedge back, and we also cut back the shrubs in our front garden to reduce the cover for vagrants. We have secured some parts of the perimeter fence with razor wire and added a lock to the front pedestrian gate. We have steadily improved our security over the past few years, and this long-term investment was especially important last year when the hall was unused for long periods due to lockdown.

Call for DIY assistance

There are ongoing DIY jobs at the hall, from paving to electrical, glazing (thanks Gavin), pruning (thanks Pierre and Gavin again!) and more. Any parents who would like to assist are always welcome.  Scouts and Cubs who help might also be able to use this for one of their badge requirements.

What’s next?

We have a long list of hall maintenance and potential improvements and we will get to them as budget allows. The roof over the stage is a concern but seems to be holding out at the moment.

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