Summer Work Party

Item Supplies/ Equipment Needed
Clean roof gutters Ladder, trowel, gloves
Check and clean stormwater lines (gutter and pipes below ground) Hose pipe, gloves
Trim the pepper tree on the corner of Thelma Road Lopper, shears, step ladder
Trim branches on plane tree that obstruct new floodlight Saw, ladder
Cut grass Weed eater, 30m extension lead
Trim hedge and shrubs on the bowling green boundary, add to compost heap Lopper, shears, step ladder
Weed and tidy the front garden Weeding fork, gloves, rake, hoe
Sweep leaves, add to compost heap Rake
Clear vagrant litter behind Vibacrete/ at bowling green gate and take to the Wynberg tip Rake, gloves, bages, bakkie
Remove rubble in alley to Wynberg tip Heavy duty bags, bakkie
Tidy the alley and undercover storage area
Add garden refuse to compost heap, cut branches to small size
Chop all wood into firewood
Build vegetable garden Wood, compost, soil
Check that plug on stage still works (behind cupboard)
Trim trees in front to hedge height
Weed grass areas Weeding fork
Item Supplies/ Equipment Needed
Sweep cobwebs off inside of hall (with long handled pool brush) Pool brush
Clean Scouters and PL Dens (wipe down, dust, vacuum, clean windows) Bucket, cloth, duster, soap, Handy Andy, Windolene, vacuum cleaner
Clean kitchen Bucket, cloth, soap, Handy Andy, Windolene
Fix plaster in basement – inside door and in pillars Ready mix mortar, mixing bucket, trowel
Paint pillars in basement White Paint
Fit handles and latch onto kitchen cupboard under sink Drill
Clean stage Brooms
Sweep basement Brooms
Tidy Cub cupboards
Clean bins
Item Supplies/ Equipment Needed
Sort poles
Paint staves Patrol colours Paint
Label equipment Spray paint/ template/ Labels
Inventory Equipment Equipment list

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