We win award for scout journalism

We won the 2019 HV Marsh Award for Scout Journalism for the publication of Smoke Signals. HV Marsh is a national award and requires 4 editions to be published each year. It has recently been expanded to accommodate online publications. 1st Claremont has never won the HV Marsh Award despite producing Smoke Signal erratically since 1957.

Smoke Signals is edited by Katherine Starke, Lynn Koch and Kristin and Mauritz van Bever Donker and is produced solely on our website. Congratulations to our editors on this historical first.

The letter with the award also congratulates us on our website.

In addition to the Kudu Horn trophy we were awarded a Gold Certificate

If any others would like to contribute to the production of this award winning publication, we would welcome the extra help. It is a few hours every quarter and does not require technical skills

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