Bats Patrol Survival Camp

In early September, the Bateleurs Patrol went on a Survival Camp! We went to Petervale Campsite.

We split into two teams on the first day. Everyone learned how to build survival shelters – using only a couple of ropes and a groundsheet – and the scouts were put to the test that night, sleeping in the shelters they had made. They held up well even through the rain! We also made solar stills and learned how they collect and purify water from greenery.

The second day was characterized by the never-ending rain and the trip to Petervale’s farmyard. Some brave scouts tried their hand at milking cows, and even got to taste the fresh milk.

Over the whole weekend 1st Claremont stayed true to their motto: “Lighting Fires”. Everyone tried to light their own fire with flint and steel, or with steel wool and a 9V Battery. Only a few succeeded, but everyone still ate their supper: mince, cooked inside a squash with dampers and banana splits.

The scouts also now know how to make food without an abundance of firewood – they cooked oats in a haybox and boiled eggs over conservation stoves after learning the importance of using wood mindfully.

The cam p was structured to help the scouts achieve their Survival Scoutcraft badges and to better prepare them overall for a desperate situation in which they will need to use these skills. It is safe to say that they rose to the occasion.



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