Gordon Shield 2018

For the first time since 1972 1st Claremont won the Gordon Shield. This win is especially notable for several reasons:

  • This is only the second mixed gender patrol to win Gordon Shield (1st Pinelands were the first with two girls in the patrol);
  • The majority of the patrol was girls (5 girls);
  • The winning team was not the strongest we could have sent as some senior scouts were moved to our other team;
  • Both teams placed in the top ten. Our other team placed 6th out of 40 teams – in itself a major achievement.


For 2018 this means that, for the first time in our history, we hold both the Rayner and the Gordon Shield at the same time. To underline how significant this actually is:

  • In both competitions we entered two teams. In both competitions all teams entered placed in the top ten;
  • The leadership on the Gordon Shield was totally different to that of Rayner due to three scouts finishing their scouting careers.

These two wins are a reflection of the hard work done by both the scouters over the last few years and also by all scouts in the troop. Attendance on badge courses, advancement and achievement of Springbok Scout all contribute to the skill level in the troop and ultimately to success in competitions.

It is important to not lose sight of the purpose of scout competitions. Fantastic as it is to win competitions, the object of entering is to gauge our skills and leadership against other troops and use the feedback to strengthen our skills and leadership. We will not become a win at all costs troop and while we take our three major competitions seriously, competitions are not to be entered at the cost of our true purpose.

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