New Tent

We have purchased a K-Way Horizon 6 man tent to try out as a potential replacement for our older (leaky) canvas tents. Hopefully the Kon-Tiki ground crew will be the first to try this out for us in the typically windy conditions at Zandvlei…

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  1. These tents are very nice to use but they do not stand up to the rigours of scouts. I used my personal Horizon for 10 days on the National Senior Scout Adventure and it was very comfortable for 2 of us. It stood up well to the surprisingly windy conditions and was easy to put up and take down. The pegs were a bit problematic in the sandy soil but I took extra long pegs and they help very well. It was easy to get in and out and the net covers over the doors did a great job of keeping insects out. Closing the doors made the tent quite a bit warmer (the nights were surprisingly cold).

    These are however quite delicate tents and do not stand up to scouts using them. The two we have brought for the troop both need poles replaced and one needs a new pole retainer sewed on. In the future we will be keeping these for competitions as they are considerably lighter and easier to erect than canvas tents but we will be investing is heavy canvas tents for the troop.

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