Zoe tells us about the Upton Training Hike in the Jonkershoek Mountains

Although the Upton training hike in the Jonkershoek was long (18km in total) and particularly tiring, it was excellent fun. We did a lot of interesting bases to improve our skills and walked far to improve our endurance and, by the end, we were definitely ready for the shorter, actual Upton Shield.

We had to wake up before 6am on the day, which was hard to do as it was a public holiday and the rest of South Africa was sleeping in! Once we arrived in the reserve, we started the bases. We did a range of bases, from creating a patrol song to mapping skills. By eleven o’clock, we had finished the bases and continued hiking. Our patrol started hiking at a quick pace, no sooner to realise how tired it made us. We were at the back, but then started to speed up, and ended up at the front! We ate lunch with a view of the Berg River, and then, we just kept hiking up! We came across an oddly cute baby snake. It was quite a steep and slippery hike down, but for once I didn’t fall.

After being on the mountain for over 8 hours, we were all dead tired and just wanted to go home and sleep. But of course, we had to study! At least we were fitter and smarter and ready for Upton.

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Camps, hikes, flight simulators: we did it all!

We had a packed second term at 1st Claremont Cubs. This term our cubs explored the environment through an evening hike in De Hel and a Saturday hike up Chapman’s Peak. They explored their five senses; held a cubs olympics; had fun in a flight simulator and made leather key ring decorations by hand. We also learned about the sustainable development goals on poverty, health, and clean water as part of our Challenge badge for the year! In the middle of all of that, we also held a cub sleepover at the hall for our younger cubs and our senior cubs took part in the Senior Cubs Camp. Most of all, our cubs had fun, made friends and learned more about the world around them.

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A morning hike up Chapman’s Peak and an evening walk in De Hel

An early April hike up Chapman’s Peak. A steep Saturday morning walk which was lots of fun for a whole range of our cubs, from 7 to 10 year olds … and even some of the parents!

Before the evenings became too dark, the cubs went for an evening walk in De Hel in Constantia.

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A cub outing to Sakhikamva

The end of April saw the cubs visiting the Sakhikamva Foundation where they learned about aviation, had a spin in a flight simulator and built their own pencil robots.

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Senior Cubs Camp

Several of our 10 year old cubs took part in this year’s Senior Cubs Survivor Camp.

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Cubs Sleepover at the Hall

In order to prepare our younger cubs for their first proper Cubs Camp later this year, we decided to hold a 1st Claremont Cubs sleepover at the hall. It was a packed, fun filled evening which ended with songs, skits and jokes around the campfire.

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Scout Upcoming Events

6-8 JulyNatashaSpringbok Community Service
12 JulyScouts SAWorld Jamboree starts
13 JulyWestern Cape RegionLeadership Development Course 2
21 JulyDavidDay Hike
27 JulyDavidGordon Shield Training
3 AugustDavidGordon Shield Training
10- 11 AugustDavidGordon Shield
17 – 18 AugustWestern Cape RegionFirst Aid Scoutcraft
17 – 18 AugustRebeccaSpringbok Community Service
24 AugustDavidAdvancement Afternoon
24 – 25 AugustRebeccaSpringbok Community Service
31 August – 1 SepRebeccaSpringbok Community Service
7 – 8 SeptemberRebeccaSpringbok Community Service
8 SeptemberDavidOrienteering
14 – 15 SeptemberWestern Cape RegionSurvival Scoutcraft and Backwoods
21-24 SeptemberWestern Cape RegionPLTC
27 – 29 SeptemberWestern Cape Region Backwoods 2
28 – 29 SeptemberLukeTroop Hike

Third term is a busy term with a large amount of Springbok Community Service as our Springbok Scouts work their way towards achieving the highest award possible for a scout.

The term also sees the first Leadership Development Course 2 which is a requirement for advancement. Scouts who have been requested to register earlier in the year should please do so as a matter of urgency. LDC 1 was a fun course and we expect LDC 2 to be equally enjoyable.

Four of our scouts will be attending the World Scout Jamboree which is being held in the USA. This gathering of some 50 000 scouts from countries around the world is a fanastic opportunity to meet scouts from other countries and gain a better understanding of other cultures.

Importantly we have Gordon Shield this term and the competition is preceded by two days of training on two weekends. As usual we plan to send at least 2 teams. This competition is the premier scout competition in the Western Cape and takes place at Hawequas.

After Gordon Shield there are badge courses, community service, the orienteering competition for an afternoon and the term wraps up with a troop overnight hike.

Events may change or be cancelled. You should always check the Google calendar or contact one of the scouters. To access the Google calendar click here.

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Scouters Roll

Because Smoke Signals is published on our website, it is in the public domain. For this reason we do not publish contact details of scouters or even in fact full names of scouts, cubs or scouters generally.

The Scouters Roll lists the scouters, their roles and their scout qualifications. If you don’t have contact information please email 1stclaremont@gmail.com.

Troop Scouters
DavidTroop ScouterWarrant
JonathanAssistant Troop ScouterWarrant
Susan Assistant Troop Scouter Warrant
Luke Assistant Troop Scouter Limited Warrant
Emily Assistant Troop Scouter Limited Warrant
Robyn Assistant Troop Scouter Limited Warrant
Junior Assistant Troop Scouter Limited Warrant
Pack Scouters
IanPack ScouterWarrant
KathAssistant Pack ScouterWarrant
FraserAssistant Pack ScouterWarrant
MauritsAssistant Pack ScouterWarrant
Susan in the Cederberg

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