Pioneering at 1st Claremont

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Scout Covid 19 Badge

  1. Discuss COVID-19 with a parent, other adult or adult leader. 
    • what is a virus
    • how the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 were named
    • how COVID-19 is spread
    • symptoms of infection
    • methods and measures to prevent infection, and
    • ‘flattening the curve’
  2. List the steps to take if a person exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 infection. Memorize the national emergency hotline number to call for advice.
  3. Make a poster explaining the concepts of a disease epidemic versus a disease pandemic. Display it at home.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Build a Tippy-Tap and demonstrate the correct procedure for washing hands with soap and water. Proof must be provided.
    • Make a two-minute video demonstrating five or more ways to prevent infection by COVID-19 (one method must be the correct way of washing hands with soap and water).
  5. Make a simple face mask using materials found at home and demonstrate how to wear it.
  6. Explain to your adult leader how the Scout Motto (“Be Prepared”) relates to the outbreak of COVID-19 and any other unforeseen situation/emergency/natural disaster.

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City Nature Challenge – 24 -27 April

Earn an event badge which you may wear on your uniform!

Cape Town is participating in the City Nature Challenge which takes place form 24-27 April 2020.  That is – this weekend.  It is suitable for everyone.

Last year we hiked Silvermine and took many photos. This year, due to the lockdown, we are restricted to our homes. But we can still contribute to the global picture by taking photos in our gardens and loading them to the app.

You are encouraged to join in, download the app and spend an hour or two taking photos and loading them. You can download the full information below

It is important to

  • Join the “Scouts South Africa” project as a once off task; and
  • Assign all observations to this project otherwise we do not know you are associated with Scouts SA and you will not qualify for the event badge.

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Lockdown Trophy

With the Upton Shield competition cancelled due to Covid 19, an online competition called the Lockdown Trophy was organised for junior scouts. The competition consisted of a number of tasks and was run on the Discord platform. We entered 4 teams in this novel competition and for 3 hours on Sunday there was intense work by the teams to get as many tasks done in the time allocated (and intense work by the judges to get them marked – we also had 4 scouters as judges). Our scouts learnt a lot about Discord and teamwork in the competition. The theme was about Cape Town and involved scout finding information using Google maps, identifying birds and plants and also finding common items around their houses.

In the end, all 4 of our teams placed in the top 10 coming 5,6,7 and 9. We were the only troop to place more than 2 teams in the top 10. Congratulations to 1st Bergvliet on winning the competition and our thanks to the hard work of the organisers and the judges for an enjoyable competition.

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Smoke Signals 2020: Edition 1

We started 2020 with a full calendar and great plans, and ended the term in lock down! Quite a change, bringing with it both challenges and opportunities for our scouts and cubs.

1st Claremont is in the remarkable position of having 4 of our senior scouts hoping to become Springbok scouts, and many of our activities in 2019 and in the first quarter of 2020 were based around helping them achieve this. Rebecca and Thomas ran the Annual Camp jointly in fulfillment of their Springbok camp – read about it here. Natasha ran her Springbok camp for an enthusiastic group at Appleton in January.

Matthew Gammon completed his Springbok hike – thereby completing his Springbok award.

A highlight of every year is caving – read about the Kalk Bay Caving here – and kloofing – see some videos and photos of the recent kloofing in Bobejaanskloof here.

After winning the HV Marsh Award for Journalism, 1st Claremont Scouts continued on our winning streak when we entered two teams in the prestigious Rayner Hiking Competition – read about how we fared here.

Our scouts also completed various badge, including lifesaving and swimming.

Our Cubs as always remain active – read up about the activities from term one here – and this is in part due to the dedication of the leadership team: read about our Akela’s journey here.

And as always – our committee notes and, as we all sit in lock down in these unusual and challenging times, our Scouter’s reflects on the importance of having guiding principles to help navigate the way here.

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The Springbok hike that shows when perseverance is what you need!

When I started planning by Springbok hike, I selected a nice route across the front of Sneeuberg. After the planning was mostly complete I had to scrap my first hike route. I was unable to get a permit because the area of the Cederberg I was planning to hike in was full. This all meant that I had to plan a new route from scratch, in a different area of the Cederberg and get approval from my examiner. With the pressure from exams mounting and at a loss for route ideas I reached out to one of my troop scouters who directed me to a route in the southern Cederberg that met the criteria. I then set about updating my planning document to reflect the new route.

I was using my laptop to write my hike planning document, but I also had a computer dispensation for exams. The weekend before exams started, I had to hand in my laptop (with my hike planning on it) to the head of my school’s IT department for him to reformat it so that I couldn’t cheat while I wrote my exams on it. This meant that I could not finalize my hike plan until I had completed my written exams and that I had to finalize my document during the second half of my exams.

I got pneumonia towards the end of November and this meant that I could now write half my exams and that I would be unable to do my Springbok hike. I would have to postpone the hike for at least a month. This was a major issue, because my 18th birthday was on the 10th of December and it looked like I would be unable to complete my Springbok. There was only one thing to do: Apply for and extension and wait…

Fortunately my extension was approved until the end of January, but this meant that I would be doing Springbok in my Matric year, which is not good.
In January I had difficulty getting hike members. The weather on my proposed date was predicted to be very hot with temperatures in the high 30s. Two scouts pulled out due to fears around heat. I contacted over 21 different people and over 6 troops, trying to get a fourth member. Eventually, with the help of multiple people and five days before the hike, I was able to find another scout (Thank you Pierson).

But, my troubles were not over yet. On the eve of my hike (18 hours before we were going to start) I received news that part of the Cederberg was on fire. This was almost funny, given how much else had gone wrong. The next morning, we had confirmation that the fire did affect my hike route and that my permits had been cancelled due to Area C being closed.
I had school that morning and so I enlisted the help of my parents and troop scouter to do some work for me while I needed to be at school. My dad dug up one of my previous route plans (the one that had been changed, because the area had been full) and confirmed with my examiner that the route was adequate. My mom changed my permit booking to Area B for me. We had been in contact over Whatsapp all day, and when I got home I sat down at my computer and worked frantically to update my planning document to include the new-old route.

With so much going on and going wrong in the build up to the hike, it was almost an anti-climax when the weather changed from being scorching hot to cloudy, rainy, misty and cold. We planned for heatstroke, but because the scout motto is Be Prepared, we were also well equipped to handed the cold and wet the hike brought.

I am amazed that my Springbok hike went so well given all these issues. I extend my thanks to all those who helped throughout the long process to make it so.

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Cub activities in the first term

We started the year by welcoming 5 younger siblings to the Pack. We are still at full capacity of 34 Cubs and a long waiting list.

Our first outing of the term was an evening walk from Cecilia to Kirstenbosch.

The Cycling Badge was our main theme for the term, and we had an evening of cycling in Keurboom Park, followed by a cycling outing in Koeberg Nature Reserve.

We also collected hundreds of children’s books which we donated to several early learning centres.

Later in the term we attended B-P Sunday where 1st Claremont received the national HV Marsh Award for Scout journalism.

We also had plenty of time for plenty of badges (with a special meeting for the Swimming and Athlete badges) and to do some cooking over fires.

Finally, two of our Cubs completed their Leaping Wolf badge in March, and one at the end of last year – well done Malaika, Juliet and Annabelle!

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Kloofing: a Photo Essay

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