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Elandspad 2012

Elandspad is one of the less exciting kloofs available for day kloofing in the Western Cape. There are no big jumps but there are a lot of options for anyone wanting to have a days kloof.

The kloof starts on the other side of the Hugenot Tunnel (from Cape Town) and parking is found on the right side a bit further on. We walk through the bushes and turn under the road coming out of the Hugenot Tunnel. Ascending the kloof is usually done by sticking to the trail on the left side of the kloof, mostly well above the river. This gives great views and we stop to admire the scenery quite often. The trail eventually ends with a drop down to the river at Fishermans Cave. There are really two options after this. One is to ascend the river for a bit, turn around and kloof down to the end. The other is to pick up the tributary a bit further up on the right and make our way to one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Western Cape. This time we choose to do both.

Initially we explore further up the river for a bit. Mostly this is just shallow pools, some of which have to be waded through. After a bit we decide to turn round and go to the waterfall. Ascending the tributary is a tough task indeed and it is not surprising that very few people either know about or actually make it to the waterfall. Care must be taken not to slip on slippery rocks.

The waterfall itself is a spectacular cascade of water down into a freezing cold pool which rarely sees sunlight. There is a geo-cache on the right side of the waterfall. We have a quick lunch and leave this cold world to descend again into the warmer climes of the river.

Once we hit the main river we decide to kloof all the way down. An alternatives is to hike out along the same route that was hiked in. Because Elandspad is relatively slow flowing, the rocks are considerably more slippery than Bobbejaanskloof (for example) so kloofing down, while not very strenuous, is quite slow and time consuming and there is considerable slipping and falling into the water. This is not everyone’s cup of tea.

While there are few mandatory swims, those that there are come at the end of the day when the sun is no longer on the water. As a result, they are very cold and quite long. Once these are over it is a short walk to the bridge where we exit the river and return to the cars.

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