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Oudekraal Ravine Day Hike

This hike was an expedition to find and climb Oudekraal Ravine. Following the information that we had managed to locate we started from the bottom of Kasteeelspoort and picked up the Pipe Track, following it along past Slangolie (where we saw hikes coming down 3 Firs and immediately decided we needed to try and do that route too), Woody etc until we hit the base of Corridor. From here we started to keep an eye open for the path to the base of Oudekraal but despite our best effort we were unable to identify the path.

Eventually we decided to ascend via Corridor which we did. We turned left to Tranquility Cracks where, after some exploring, we found a restful sunny spot and had some lunch. From there we backtracked, heading for Grootkop and the top of Oudekraal which turned out to be very easy to find. The paths are a little indistinct but Oudekraal lies quite close the base of Grootkop and is a precipitous drop down from a flat section of the mountain.

Oudekraal itself is a very steep ravine with a some serious erosion. Although it is pretty easy to slip there are no serious drop offs in the immediate vicinity so serious injury is unlikely. Having negotiated our way down carefully and across the base of the ravine we followed the path around the buttress, quite a long walk for a buttress and emerged at the base of Corridor. Only when we picked up the main path did we notice a cairn which marked the path across to the base of Oudekraal. Having descended Oudekraal, it really does not look like much of an up route and probably is really a route for the more hard core hikers.

It was a fun day and not to much hard hiking. Challenged to produce tea very fast Josh proved at the end that it was possible to make tea in 10 minutes while Jaime cheated and produced ice tea! Scratch another route off our list!

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