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Rebecca’s Springbok Pioneering Project at Keurboom Park

Rebecca’s Springbok Project was a major pioneering project in Keurboom Park. It got a great reception from the public and the bridge was a great success.

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Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers

On the 1st of June 2019, a team of scouts is building a bridge in Keurboom Park. This will be a day of training and achievement, as the scouts learn to tie lashings to the standard that large projects demand. The project to be constructed is the Thriftwood Unilock Bridge, more commonly known as the …

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Springbok Pioneering with Natasha

On Saturday actually the 13th of April to be precise the troop took part in a construction project run be me. This must not be mistaken for the pioneering project that took place the next day on the Sunday. We set out to build a mini tower and once we had taken out all the …

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Upcoming Scout Events

The year for scouts will be characterised by the number of scouts that hope to register and complete the highest award that a scout can earn – the Springbok Scout. After a long drought of Springbok Scouts, the troop now regularly produces Springbok Scouts. At the time of publishing, 3 scouts – Natasha, Rebecca and …

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Badge Courses

Badge courses for certain badges are run by the Region. This option is only available in the Western Cape and is, in our view, one of the most outstanding aspects of scouting in the Western Cape. Scouts meet other scouts and make great friends on these courses and they learn new skills to an externally …

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Pioneering Day 2018

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Springbok Construction Project 2017

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Smoke Signals 2018 – Quarter 1

After an absence of 7 years, Smoke Signals returns  to give you news of the doings of the cubs and scouts at 1st Claremont Scout Group! Find out what winning the Rayner really took and learn something about the scouters! The second quarter edition will be published in July 2018 and additional articles or photos …

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