A year at 4th Claremont Fernwood

Peter Otzen looks back on relaunching 4th Claremont

As we look forward to the exciting adventures which await in 2023, it is worth reflecting on the events which were highlights of the last term this year. We have had a busy term with our Group’s Birthday, the Meerkat National camp, and a Cub hike to the Scout Hut

The Meerkat Camp was part of the National Meerkat Camp and it was well attended by 4th Claremont and the Region as a whole. This cool camp was held at the Appleton Scout Camp on Signal Hill. At the Pack, our Cubs recently hiked up to the Scout hut on Table Mountain along with our friends at 1st Claremont Cub Pack, and had a very exciting time at the Scout Hut, and then trekked down Nursery Ravine into Kirstenbosch. I’m sure that these adventures will form great memories and experiences for all involved. 

On 27 October 2022 we celebrated a full year of operations since our first meeting, held last year, when the Cub Pack kicked off

Since then, we have grown exponentially – a Meerkat Den and a Scout Troop opened (now with 21 Scouts and growing rapidly), and the Cub Pack has gone from strength to strength. 

The Pack and Troop celebrating a year since (re)starting 4th Claremont

We had a fantastic celebration with the Group joining together to celebrate this milestone. A huge thank you to Christine (APS) and Haidee Kingston (committee) for the fabulous cakes!

This year would be, in theory, the Group’s 75th birthday as it was started in 1947 in the grounds of Western Province prep. In 1964 the Hall was built at the current premises (take a peek at the plaque at the front of the Hall when next you visit!) and the Group thundered along until the early 2000s when it closed for lack of adult support. Since then the property hasn’t been used for Scouting, until… 4th Claremont (version 2) began operations…a year ago! We were sent some photos from an ex-scout which shows the Group in operation many decades ago.

Significant thanks must go to some stalwarts who have brought the Group into being: 

  • Paddy Milner (Regional Commissioner), Jenny Martin (Regional Group Development), and Aussie Raad (Regional Property Manager) – for all your support in securing the Group’s position at the Hall, 
  • Ian Webb (SGL 1st Claremont) and the 1st Claremont Group – for starting our Pack and Den, and bringing on board most of their waiting list so that we could grow rapidly, and David Knight for assisting us with various District, Group, and Troop needs,
  • Barry Staak and Elton le Roux, who moved from 1st Claremont to start the 4th Claremont Pack, and the amazing team of Assistant Pack Scouters (APS) Christine Bell, Dhesen Moodley, and parent helper Annette Zulch, as well as Donna Norgarb and Briggie Kirchman.
  • Rian Geldenhuys and Pieter Bloem for being amazing Den Scouters and breathing life into the Meerkats, 
  • Jed Mouton, Connor Stockdale, and Natasha Roomes for being stellar Assistant Troop Scouters and helping to get the Troop started, and our District Commissioner David Knight for assisting with our early Scout meetings . And of course Imogen Kingston for being our first new Scout and Patrol Leader! 
  • Brian Aslett for coming on board to help as Treasurer, and Haidee Kingston as Committee secretary. 

And of course a HUGE thank you to all of our youth members and the parents for being involved and coming regularly to the weekly meetings. 

Have a wonderful, safe, and fun-filled festive season and we look forward to starting our weekly meetings soon in the 1st term. 

Peter Otzen
Scout Group Leader, 4th Claremont Scout Group

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