Meerkats go camping

Our Meerkats went camping with their families on Signal Hill in November. This was the first time that the National Meerkat Camp had a camp out option.

The Meerkats from 4th Claremont Fernwood joined 1st Claremont Den, their siblings and families for a fun filled weekend. We went on a hike to see the view from the Hill looking down over Cape Town and identified many sights such as the Cable Car, the Docks with ships coming and out, Robben Island and the Stadium. While the parents took care of the braaing, the Meerkats played games, tug ‘o war and made beautiful mandalas from items found on the walk. The campfire was a real hit with everyone, singing the songs we’d practised all year.

Camping was done in Burrows and the parents really enjoyed relaxing with each other while the Meerkats ran free in beautiful surroundings. Of course, everyone was up with the sun the next day. Freshly made pancakes were on offer as we struck the tents. After a reflective Meerkats Own, we went home happy and tired, but ready to do it all again next year.

Judith Bishop
Den Leader

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