Scout Boosmansbos Trail hike

At the start of October we headed for the two-day Boosmansbos trail hiking trail in the Langeberg between Swellendam and Heidelberg.

After driving from Cape Town, we spent Friday night in the recently-renovated campsite at Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve where we enjoyed a braai.

On Saturday morning we fueled up with flapjacks and set out on the trail. At first the trail runs through indigenous forest, but soon starts a long and steady ascent of the Langeberg. It was a hot day and although the area is quite green, even in mid spring there was no water on the trail. We were quite exhausted by the time we reached the ridge for lunch, and most of the group took a nap on the ridge.

In the afternoon we continued along the northern slope of the Langeberg to the huts, which are basic stone structures – great for shelter, but not really luxury! Supper and a few games of cards and everyone soon dropped off for an early night’s sleep.

Sunday’s hike was a steady descent past some more amazing scenery and dramatic gorges. Apparently the route for the hike was initially intended as a forestry road, so it takes a longer route that avoids steep sections and zigzag ascents.

The last part of the hike took us through a gorge and back into forests, with a detour to see the California redwoods planted more than a century ago. Sunday was a heatwave so it was good to be heading downhill towards the end of the hike. Back in the campsite we had a swim, lunch, and then headed home – seeing two puffadders on the road on the way out.

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