Meerkats bring joy to Huis Nuweland

Our Meerkats visited Huis Nuweland in Newlands to bring good cheer to the 74 old people. They sang carols and handed our carefully made Christmas ornaments to everyone. The residents thoroughly enjoyed the singing – and joined in with all the songs. When the Meerkats went to talk to older folk, they discovered that one had a son who was a Springbok Scout and one had been a girl guide in Nottingham UK. Said Lorraine, the manager, “The residents and staff loved every minute – they would welcome the Meerkats back anytime.” 

Making craft items is part of the Meerkat Life Skills Theme (Handcraft Badge) as well as the Out of the Box Interest Badge. It is a careful balance to ensure that the task the Meerkats are set can be done in a short amount of time, and yet be pleasing and even useful. On this occasion we had glue guns on hand – and then load shedding hit. Ever prepared, we pulled out the cold glue and were able to keep the ornaments still for a week while they set.

Judith Bishop
Den Scouter, 1st Claremont

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