Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers

On the 1st of June 2019, a team of scouts is building a bridge in Keurboom Park. This will be a day of training and achievement, as the scouts learn to tie lashings to the standard that large projects demand.

The project to be constructed is the Thriftwood Unilock Bridge, more commonly known as the Banana Bridge. Its design is unique, made by locking two low pyramids together to create a dome over a walkway.

The team will be led by Rebecca for her Springbok Award.

Model of the Bridge

Although building bridges is a worthy cause for excitement, the day will have yet another aspect that presents an even bigger opportunity.

The bridge is being built in a public place for two reasons: first, in order to publicly advertise Scouting and give people an idea of what we can do.

The second reason is to fundraise for a Community Service Project that Rebecca is running, also for Springbok. She is raising funds for her project of upgrading an aftercare centre in Westbank. This will be done on a donations basis as well as through a stall selling pancakes and hot drinks to passers-by throughout the day. Everyone is welcome!

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