Springbok Pioneering with Natasha

On Saturday actually the 13th of April to be precise the troop took part in a construction project run be me. This must not be mistaken for the pioneering project that took place the next day on the Sunday.

We set out to build a mini tower and once we had taken out all the equipment that we needed we ”locked” the basement (it was more like that we weren’t allowed back into the equipment to fetch something that we had forgotten).

We started off and soon full behind with original program. This was due to a small bumps along the way such as lose lashings but these were ironed out and we raised the tower only an hour and a half behind the allocated time. We had time to muck about on the tower (not really but we still did) and it was structurally sound. As I have said before that we were running behind and we lowered the structure we had an hour and fifteen minutes to get everything down and packed away. To my surprise we had everything down with half an hour to spare. That was pretty cool. All in all this day spent making a tower out of poles and rope and then taking it down in the same day instead of doing our homework went really well. The scouts that didn’t know how to tie lashings learnt and the ones that did learnt how to tie tight lashings as we had plenty to go around.

To sum things up I would like to thank everybody who was involved with the construction in anyway. It was greatly appreciated.

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