Fundraising Auction Success!

How do you raise enough money to replace an aging asbestos roof that has been declared unsafe? With that question hanging over our heads (pun intended), fundraising for the stage roof became one of our main aims during 2022. Clearly, we would need to ask a lot of people for their support! In planning the fundraising, we set these aims:

  1. To raise R100 000 for the roof replacement fund
  2. To establish a fundraising tradition in the group
  3. To run a fun activity for parents in the group
  4. To bring in participants and funds from outside the group

We considered various types of event (trail run, cycle ride, golf day, quiz and pancakes evening), and various formats of auction (external venue or at the hall ? live or online only? catered or bring your own?) before settling on holding the 1st Claremont Fundraising Auction at the hall on 27 October and setting out to collect donations to be auctioned.

Donations came from several directions. Many 1st Claremont families donated wine, art or antiques, restaurant vouchers, stays at holiday homes, and other items. Parents and Scouters approached local businesses who also donated generously. Many wine farms also donated and Judith Bishop in particular received many donations through her contacts. We are very grateful to everyone who donated.

We were very luck to come across Danilo Aquisto who agreed to be our auctioneer. Danilo is a local radio personality who has also been involved in supporting Scouting in various ways. Danilo helped us plan the format of the auction and was a great success on the night. Thank you Danilo!

We prepared a catalog which we shared online. We decided to auction around 30 items through the auctioneer and the other 50 via silent bidding where participants could write their bid on a sheet of paper for each item.

On the evening we set out the lots on display around the hall, set up tables and lighting (and a standby generator in case of load shedding), welcome drinks, and a slideshow of the items on offer. The attendance on the evening was lower than we had hoped for, but the enthusiasm and support from the attendees was very good. Wine, meals, experiences and holiday offerings fetched good prices, mostly reaching or exceeding their estimated values.

We were delighted that the auction itself brought in R75 000. We also received many cash donations from alumni and families including those who could not be present at the event, and voluntary contributions from parents in addition to their Scout fees for 2022. Altogether our fundraising during 2022 brought in just over R140 000, which (together with previous savings) will enable us to replace the roof without emptying our bank account completely!

We are very grateful to all those who contributed to the success of the auction, and we look forward to replacing the roof soon!

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