Sam tells us about our Senior Cub Hike

On Saturday 5 November 2022 the senior cubs from 1st and 4th Claremont gathered at Constantia Nek at noon ready for a hike. Our backpacks were filled with mess kits, sleeping bags, change of clothes, plenty of water and most importantly snacks! Everyone first posed for a few photos before we started. At the beginning it felt steep and hard but as we got into the hike, it started to feel easier. We made up games as we walked along to keep ourselves entertained.

When we got to the dam wall, we could see the hut that we would stay in. We walked across the wall and arrived at the scout hut. All of us found a rock which we called “The Castle” and played a Dragon vs. Humans game in it. In the evening we had spaghetti for supper and then went on a hike to see the old cable car (it was very windy). It looked old and small so we took a few photographs and went back to the hut. There we had hot chocolate and told funny and scary stories.

In the morning we got up and went straight out to The Castle until it was time for breakfast. After Coco Pops we went back outside to play. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to finish the game before leaving for our morning walk. As it was just a little hike, no one took water. We should have. When we got back, we packed up (including all our rubbish) and left the hut to hike down the shorter path of Nursery Ravine to Kirstenbosch. After that, most of us never wanted to see steps again.

by Samuel Hoffa
1st Claremont

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