Holly at Orienteering

This is one of my favourite fun competitions. If you enjoy a lot of running and you are competitive, orienteering is perfect for you!
This particular orienteering was at Century City in the roads outside Intaka Island. The competition started with falling in with a partner, mine was Zoe, and then there was a quick briefing on the rules and regulations. Shortly afterwards we were given a map containing numbered checkpoints and map keys.
There are many strategies to this competition but we went where our feet took us. Most of the time we sort of guessed where to go, so it was pretty easy. We got lost a couple of times and ran into a few bushes but I guess that was part of the experience. It was so annoying because my woggle kept on falling off and when I put it in my bag my scarf fell off, so my suggestion is… take your scarf and woggle off immediately after falling in and put it in your bag! 
If you are looking to do this competition there is hardly anything you will need to bring: a cap, sunblock (oh dear, I sound like a mother!), food and water. To be specific on the food front, I suggest something like wine gums or, if you want to be a good, healthy child (which I doubt you do), an apple.
(There is also a tuck shop so… bring some money :).

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