Jula on being in a scout in South Africa

My name is Jula, I’m sure many of you have already met me in the scout shop, at the troop meetings and events or at the group camp fire. I am 19 years old and since 12 years a scout in Germany but now also a scout in South Africa! In August I started my volunteer programme with the German scout association DPSG.

My main job for this year as a volunteer is to work in the national scout office here in Claremont where I work in the shop, write articles for the scouts website or assist with the Scouting in schools, as some examples of my tasks.
But because I was already part of a scout group in Germany I decided to join a scout group here in South Africa as well. As I stay with the family Le Jeune, Alick introduced me to his scout group – 1st Claremont – and so I got to be part of this amazing troop and group.
It is so interesting and exciting to experience how scouts in another country run their programmes and to take part in different events.
My favourite event so far was the Gordon’s Shield competition. There is nothing like this in Germany, so it was a totally new thing for me to judge at a competition. With the help of the other judges, also Susan, Jonathan and David, I learned how the patrols have to fall in, how I can check the knots of the gadgets and to read ground to air signals.
And of course I was really impressed that one of our patrol won in the end – well done scouts!

Part of being a scouter is of course to do the adult training. Together with Emily and Junior I participated at the Scout Warrant which was a lot of theory which I was not really prepared for but it was also lots of fun to do the practical things like building a monkey bridge over the dam at Hawequas, working in patrols and just experience a bit what usually the scouts do.
Here my favourite part was the cooking!

To find an end I can just say that I am really thankful to be part of the 1st Claremont Scouts. I found amazing friends here and I am learning so many new things about scouting every day.
I am sure I will take many of the experiences home with me as ideas for my group at home. Thank you for the opportunity to be a scout in South Africa!

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