Meerkat Kon-tiki

On 18 March, an excited group of Meerkats joined 100 others from all over the Region for the second Meerkat Kon-tiki at the IYC in Muizenberg.

Over the next two hours they made a flag, played games, listened to a pollution story, and most of all built model rafts. These were raced out in the vlei using an ingenious contraption designed by 1st Muizenberg’s Rafiki. Our Meerkat Instructors, Juliette and Laura, helped launch the rafts. I heard every Meerkat say “Mine won!” A feast of watermelon and popcorn awaited the children before they went home. Apart from the coveted Kon-tiki Comics badge, they will also all get the Raft Builder Badge soon. Thanks to our parents who were such a help as usual.

Judith Bishop, Den Scouter

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