Cubs on Camp

The cubs report back on their join camp with the 4th Claremont/Fernwood Pack in February:

On Camp we did lots of fun games like we played a blind game so one person is blindfolded and there’s colour coded balls your team must guide you to your ball colour that you were told. 

Another game is a water game with holey buckets where, in your team, you fill the holey bucket up and run to the other side with a big bucket with a tennis ball in in.  First team to get the tennis ball out with the water wins. 

We also swam in the dam and with the adults made a whirlpool.  

Jumanji – the Next Level (Ancient Egypt)

Cub camp this year was so fun. We were at Hawequas and our theme was Jumanji game in Ancient Egypt.  Nigel Billington kept repeating “We have been eagerly waiting your arrival”. There ware Egypt decorations everywhere. 

We did lots of fun tasks like wrapping one of our six in toilet paper to make a mummy  I was the mummy and it was fun to be wrapped up but hard to stand still for so long.  We also sewed hand nets for our mini-SASS badge.  On Saturday we had exercises with the Scouts and then rice crispies for breakfast. 

We did our Simple Machines badge in the day and learnt about pulleys, friction, wedges (chopping with an ax), screws and wheels.  After lunch we built trebuchets like catapults to shoot water balloons at a fire.

The Campfire was so fun that night and the flames were all sorts of magic colours.  On Sunday we did a mini-SASS assessment of the little stream and found lots of cool invertebrates and so the river scored high and was very clean.

We made lots of friends from 1st and 4th Claremont and had fun and it was sad to leave at the end.

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