Smoke Signals Edition 1, 2023

The first term of 2023 has rapidly passed by with loads of activities across the 1st Claremont Den, Pack and Troop and leaders volunteering across many portfolios outside our Group.

As a reflection of the achievements in 2022, First Claremont was recognised at Founders Day awards ceremony on 19 February. Overall, the Group placed 5th in the regional Tonkin Trophy. The Troop, Pack and Den all received Gold Star awards. Two of our Patrols received Gold Stars, three Silver and one Bronze. Well done to the leaders and member across 1st Claremont!

In February the AGM took place, dovetailing between a Friday night Pack meeting and the Springbok Scout award ceremony for Alex Clark. Efforts to fix the hall roof above the stage are waiting for City of Cape Town approval following last year’s fund-raising campaign.

The Meerkat Den has been busy including a re-enactment of the first Scout camp at Brownsea Island, participated in Meerkat Kon-Tiki and also made contact with Beaver den in the UK.

The cub pack has welcomed Lucy as the new Akela in the den. The pack has had fun learning the ropes and adventuring in the outdoors. Jenny and Sarah report back on the joint Camp with 4th Claremont / Fernwood pack over a weekend in February at Hawequas campsite.

Our Troop Scouter reflected on the first term. The troop has busy with participation in the Rayner Trophy competition for Senior Scouts. First Claremont entered two teams, who placed 13th and 15th out of the 32 teams participating- well done to all!

The troop enjoyed a fun day out exploring the Kalk Bay caves as reported on by Aiden, and as a pioneering exercise built the largest tensegrity structure known in the region.

The patrol system is in full swing with many patrol-based activities taking place including a Bats Patrol Hike in Cape Point and community service outreach including soup kitchen as recounted by Juliet and beach clean-up recalled by Anjali.

Beyond the confines of 1st Claremont our Group continues to contribute regionally and nationally. David our Assistant SGL is now the Liesbeek District Commissioner and one of the organisers of the National Senior Scout Adventure. ATS Jonathan is the 1st aid training coordinator in the Western Cape. Our Den Scouter Judith is the Regional Team Coordinator for Meerkats in the Western Cape. Our SGL Ian assists with national and regional social media and website, and he and ATS Fraser run the regional Senior Cub Camp. TS Daniel is co-organising the Regional Young Leaders Forum. Many other leaders including Lucy, Susan, Emily, Simon, Becca, Caleb, Justin and others have volunteered as judges and staff on competitions and training courses.

Smoke Signals

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