Troop Scouter’s Thoughts

As we approach the end of the first term, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the wonderful scouting that has taken place during this busy period. From exciting hikes to engaging community service projects, our scouts have truly demonstrated their commitment to the scouting spirit.

As always, scouting is about empowering young people to achieve goals beyond which they thought was possible. I’d like to believe we were able to do this, and more. 

We ran 11 Thursday meetings, with themes ranging from hot-air balloons and first aid, to fashion shows and cooking. Amongst all this, we also had 12 wonderful weekend events, of which 7 were run by our wonderful patrol leaders. Part of these were First Class meals, hikes and various community service initiatives, all of which you should be able to read about in this issue. 

I am also very proud of our scouts for their placement in Rayner this year. We entered two teams, one full team and another of only three people. We placed 15th and 13th, which is very impressive, especially considering that no one except Holly had been on the competition before. 

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