James’s Community Service – Soup Kitchen

On Saturday the 18th of February James ran part of his First Class community service. It was at Ladles of Love in District 6.

When we arrived we had to fill in a form to sign in. After that we went inside and James, Laura and I were instructed to chop vegetables for soup for the next week while Anjali and Simon peeled eggs. Later Bianca arrived and helped us chop more vegetables. When Anjali and Simon finished with the eggs they made sandwiches.

After a very long time we finished chopping vegetables and all our fingers were quite tired after holding knives for so long.

We had a break afterwards until lunchtime when we served. We served the people pasta and mushroom sauce with a sandwich and egg.

It was a really great experience and I really enjoyed it when we served the people. It made me appreciate how lucky we are to have access to food when we need it.

Juliet D

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