A wet Gordon Shield with Rozanna

Gordon’s Shield 2019 was the second victory year in a row for 1st Claremont, despite the weather turning miserable for most of the second day. After the blistering heat of the first day, however, a constant rain was all we needed. Rain jackets were soon soaked through, with inspection pushed back by hours in order to give more time for the stiff-with-cold scouts to gather themselves. Frantically drying things with towels — and once those were soaked, the precious commodity of dry t-shirts — minutes before inspection and occasionally falling into foot-deep trenches-turned-rivers through the camp became the norm pretty quickly.

A visit to the other camp during a break in activity told us that they were doing a little better with the flooding, but were equally as mentally exhausted as the rest of us. Despite the cold and rain, even though we ran out of gas and trekked mud through pre-inspection tents, morale remained high and most of our bases went well. Fighting off rain spiders for the last pieces of dry firewood was the lesser of our worries by then, as we were quite determined to win the music war – which had to be kept within noise regulations, mind you – going on between the campsites around us.
Needless to say, Gordon’s Shield was a great experience for everyone involved this year.
The junior team ended up doing well for their first ‘solo’ mission, and hopefully will be able to pick up the trophy next year once they become the first team!

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