Alick in the Cederberg

The Cederberg Expedition was an experience like none other. Already being at around 500m above sea-level when you are in the chalet, the temperatures only averaged 15 C, even with the sun out. The hikes were impressive and enjoyable, with us covering multiple points of interest over the week. The first day we had a quick hike up to Sneeuberg Hut (well, almost). The second day was probably the best and worst day, as we tackled Wolfberg Cracks. Though tight, we pushed through the caves and, in some cases, crawled our way out of them. The view on top was amazing, I just wish I had taken a parachute so I didn’t have to walk down. The third day was a hike along the Talfelberg Shale band, a nice and easy walk from our chalet to the Welbedacht Caves.

The fourth day was the most interesting, with us going to visit the elephant rock paintings (aged 300 – 6000 years) and the Stadsaal Caves. The final day was the coolest, both in terms of temperature and activities. The Mini-Polar Bear Challenge was help in the freezing cold water, with only three competitors taking part. The expedition wasn’t all about hiking and many tales of past adventures and experiences were shared back at the chalets, with stories about broken windows, a burnt Cederberg and David’s memories of the Cederberg years before. The expedition was a new, interesting and fun experience for me, and I’m sure that everyone who was with me would agree.

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