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Cyberbullying is when children use online technology to hurt, embarrass and annoy other kids. It is done purposefully and goes on for a long time.

Before the internet, bullying mostly happened in person.Children were bullied at school, break and at the bus stop.But once they got home the bullying stopped. Now with modern technology kids can be bullied anywhere at any time.

Today we use texting, email and social media to talk to our friends.This means that cyberbullying can happen easily. Mean messages,embarrassing photos and pictures can be sent to the whole school with just one click. Cyberbullying doesn’t only happen during the week it can carry on during weekends and even holidays!

What you can do to help 

  • Don’t reply to any emails, texts or app messages sent by a cyberbully.
  • Save, screenshot and print all of the messages sent by the bully as cyberbullying proof.
  • If you are being cyber bullied tell an adult to get help solving your problem.
  • If a friend is getting cyberbullied and you know about it you should immediately tell a parent or teacher. 

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