Luke Neville talks about Rovers, the fourth branch of scouting at 1st Claremont

As of the 24th of March 2020, the 1st Claremont Rover crew is officially registered with Scouts SA. This is the fourth and final branch of scouting – for adults between the ages of 18 and 35 – and focuses on providing a community for young adults through service to self, the community and the movement. 

Though rovering is not new to 1st Claremont, we have not had a rover crew for many many years, so it is exciting to be starting this journey again in the group. We have had our eyes on starting a crew for a couple of years, and now with many of our senior scouts turning 18 this year, we finally have a critical mass to get it going. Currently comprised of Assistant Troop Scouters, there are 10 young adults who are beginning the journey to become knighted as rovers, with 4 more senior scouts hopefully joining us soon. 

In much the same way as scouts provides a space and community for teenagers to grow and learn, rovers aims to help young adults navigate the world as they move into furthering their studies or beginning work life. The focus is on equipping young adults with tools needed to tackle life’s many challenges, and providing support along the way. Leaving the relatively comfortable space of school often feels like a rollercoaster, but rovers aims to offer guiding principles and areas of focus to help that transition. 

Before the lockdown, the crew went on a hike up Devil’s Peak.

Like scouts, rovers has an advancement system that culminates in the BP Award. The tasks along the way encourage rovers to focus on citizenship and service to the community, to pursue meaningful careers and lifestyles and to give back to the scouting movement. 

Though I have gotten the crew off the ground, I will be stepping down as the crew chairperson in two months, as I am leaving to continue my studies in Europe. Daniel Le Jeune will take over as crew chairperson and will continue to build the crew and ensure its long term success.

There are already a small number of other rover crews in the Western Cape, and more crews are starting up. We are excited to be a part of this growing movement and look forward to the many friendships that we will build within our crew and between other rover crews. 

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