Bianca copes with the unexpected on Upton

This year the Upton Shield competition was held at Hawequas Scout Adventure Centre. 1st Claremont entered four teams all of which did extremely well with one of our teams coming in first place and another in the top ten. The weather conditions on the day were rather misty in the morning which permitted enjoyable hiking although it warmed up in the afternoon when the mist lifted. The hike was about seven kilometres with twenty-six bases along the course of it. The competition was adjusted to fit COVID-19 protocols which made it a new and unfamiliar experience for many. 

Due to a last minute shuffle of the teams on the morning of the competition, we were off to a stressful and unprepared start, however as the day progressed, we found ourselves having a pleasurable time. Unfortunately, we could not complete some of the bases that we would have liked to as we were missing equipment as a result of the reorganisation. I commend our team for their resilience through a bit of a hectic, confusing morning. 

One of our favourite bases was the tree cutting one, where we were required to remove some of the non-indigenous black wattle trees from the area. Our team managed to cut down the tallest tree out of the lot (an achievement we are relatively proud of). 

Overall, I think we worked admirably as a team and it was genuinely a memorable experience!

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