Oliver hikes with Holly

On the 12th of September Holly, Rozanna, Ryan  and I hiked up Table Mountain via the jeep track to do a 10km hike. This was our first hike  since lockdown, our first patrol hike of the year and  our first hike without scouters, so it was a pretty big day. 

Since it was at least six months since our last hike most of us were fairly unfit and going up the jeep track we had to take many breaks, but when we reached level ground we started getting into the swing of things. We stopped at De Villiers dam to relax, have a snack and refill our water bottles. It was very beautiful as it had a nice view of the dam. After about 10 minutes we headed off again towards the scout hut where we had 20 minutes for a break, did a scouts’ own and ate biscuits and lunch. 

As we started heading back down the mountain I realised that going on a hike was very good for my mental health, and good for my physical health as I got to get out with friends and have a good time.

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