Gone Home

Sometimes we have the sad news of the passing of one of our former members. In scouting parlance the person has Gone Home. This is based on the veldcraft sign of a circle with a dot in the middle and such a sign can be found on Baden-Powells gravestone in Kenya. Usually such a person has lived a full life and we can look back on their passing as the eventual end of a good life. But sometimes the saddest news is of a person who has Gone Home before their time.

This is sadly one of those times and we regret to announce that Daniel Taft has Gone Home. Daniel was a scout with 1st Claremont from 2014 until 2016 until he left us to go to boarding school in Durban. He was in Grade 11 when he passed on and he is remembered by all the scouters currently at the troop. We are deeply shocked by the news of Daniel’s tragic passing.

Daniel was a scout with impulsive energy. He was always in motion and he was always willing to try something new. He came on the 3 night expedition to Boosmansbos and on the way up on the first day he told me he wanted to turn around. After it was explained to him that there was no way to turn around, he put his mind to the task, never thereafter struggled on the hike (including through the epic 13 hours in a sleeping bag night!) and never complained. The last morning was a freezing cold descent just ahead of rain and the picture below was the breakfast stop. Daniel was still cheery after an early start and ice cold wind.

To his mother and father and his twin brother, Aidan, our deepest sympathies

Daniel Taft – Gone Home too soon – 2020

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