Ryan reports on Rozanna’s Discoverer hike

Oliver, Holly, Rozy and myself set out on a hike at Silvermine. It was a hot sunny day, but it was rather windy. We set out early morning on a path that winded up the mountain towards Muizenberg. The incline was steep but relatively easy and it was not long before there were great vistas. The flowers were beautiful: splashes of yellow and purple. We wrapped around the mountain and came up onto the peak to the most beautiful views over Noordhoek. The bay was calm with very little swell. No good for surfing! We rested here and ate our lunch.

We could see the Silvermine Dam which was our starting point. After a good chat we set off down the mountain back towards the parking lot at Silvermine Dam. It was great to reach the end and take off our shoes! This hike is recommended for hikers of all levels. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

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