Committee Notes

The advent of lockdown not only impacted the activities of scouts and cubs but also severely impacted the plans of the committee. For months, the hall was entirely closed to activities and of course this included our tenants who suddenly found themselves without the means of earning a living or engaging in their chosen activities. The severe reduction in income caused a delay in the execution of our plans to continue maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure.

One of our most important maintenance objectives is to ensure the floor is cared for. The floor is sprung flooring of teak and it would be impossible for us to replace it with a equivalent wood (estimated cost for us to do so is R1 million). However, over the years, sections of the floor have broken, leaving long grooves in the floor. Further, every flooring company has wished to sand the floor. Sanding a wooden floor reduces its thickness, rendering it more vulnerable to damage.

Eventually, we located a company which proposed to clean the floor and to repair the grooves but not to sand it. Given the large cost of this essential maintenance we hesitated to commit money during a time when there was no income. However, the floor maintenance required the hall to be unused for a week.

When it looked like lockdown would be lifted sufficiently, the committee committed the money and the floor was repaired and recoated before the hall was re-opened. Because the floor was not sanded, the presence of residual varnish means the floor does not appear to be evenly coated, something we had not anticipated. We will need to recoat the floor at regular intervals and over time, it will become a consistent colour.

At the end of this year, several members of the committee will not be standing again. If you would like to join the committee and contribute to the continued growth of the Group and development of our scouts, please contact us.

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