Meerkats gets going!

Meerkats is the newest branch of scouting in South Africa, aimed at children between 5 and 7. We registered our Meerkats branch early this year and were just about to kick it off without qualified scouters when …. you guessed it – COVID hit and everything went on hold. When we came out of lockdown, the world was different and Nick who was going to run the Meerkats was in a different position in his life with different demands on his time.

Fortunately, we were approached by Judith and Lucy who are both keen to start Meerkats and, with the support of our qualified scouters, Nick and Rebecca Hall, we will be having our first three try-it-out Meerkat meetings this year. Since Meerkats is very new, these are experimental meetings to see how things work. There is still adult training to sort out (still negatively impacted by COVID restrictions) but we expect, all things being equal, to be able to launch a full Meerkat Den at the end of January 2021.

Meerkats is expected to run on Saturday mornings at the scout hall and the first experimental meeting will be on the 14th November.

With our Rovers getting going, 1st Claremont should have every branch of scouting functional (or at least as functional as we are allowed to be) in 2021. This will, I believe, make us the only Group in the Western Cape to offer the full range of scouting.

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