Ethan on live scouting

Finally, live meetings again! I was so excited when the email came through. At last scouts could meet again in person. I wondered what we would be doing for the first few meetings. At last the day came. I was super excited to see everybody again.

All we did for the first 15 minutes was catch up with everybody and share how school was going – it was so nice. Soon we had our first proper flag break in months and got to the different activities. From filtering water to answering quizzes on Baden-Powel’s life, the activities gave us the normal form of scouting that we hadn’t had for six months. Everybody had a wonderful time and the first meetings back will not be forgotton. Thank you to all the scouters who have put so much effort into making scouts fun over the last six months and the first two live meetings for a long time. I can’t wait for more!!!

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