Meerkats go camping and hiking

The Meerkats tackled the great outdoors, hiking with their families in the Cederberg, Ceres, on some beautiful beaches and all over our own Table Mountain. At the end of the first term we held a Camp at Home together which was great fun as we all caught up at bedtime for a Zoom chat. The Little Camper badge required that they sleep out of their bedroom all night (in a tent or fort), cook outside and look at the stars. One final requirement was to sing round a campfire. We enjoyed that scouting experience in the hall, even though it was raining!

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  1. […] 1st Claremont launched our Meerkat den (ages 5 and 6) earlier this year and the enthusiasm of both the Meerkats and their parents has been great to see: both Meerkats and their parents were involved in the Scientist Interest badge – complete with volcanoes and octopuses – and our Meerkats have enjoyed a nature ramble, as well as some camping and hiking. […]

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