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Elandspad 2016

A great days kloofing in Elandspad in perfect weather. We left early in the morning with temperatures forecast to reach 40 degrees so that we could avoid hiking in the heat. A wise decision as it turned out as we reached Fishermans Cave at about 10 in the morning, after about 1.5 to 2 hours …

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A Balanced Life

We have noted that when some children join scouts their lives are very busy with school activities and/ or family activities. As a result they are not able to attend many scout functions and they often lose interest or become frustrated and leave scouts. Because of the lack of interest, they can also become disruptive …

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Kloofing Basics

Kloofing is the art and science of hiking down a river. In the Western Cape we are lucky to have several rivers that we can kloof in. Kloofing though is not like a conventional hike. Most kloofing is preceeded by the hike in – the length to get from the cars to the point where …

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2016 Photo Album

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1st Claremont Group T-Shirts

New and redesigned from the ground-up 1st Claremont Scout Group T-shirts are now available. Designed by our scouts and printed on high quality cotton T-shirts, these shirts are now available from the Group. They are available for cubs, scouts and adults. All shirts cost R120. To purchase, transfer the amount to the Group bank account …

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Groot Winterhoek 2015

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Groot Winterhoek 2014

In April 2014 we hiked for 3 days in the Groot Winterhoek. Despite a lot of discussion about the weather and some tentative forecasts we started from Veepos somewhat later than planned. After wishing Andrew Knight happy birthday for his 17th birthday (and eating muffins instead of cake) we set off on the long route …

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2014 Photo Album

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Postberg Flower Trail

We did the Postberg Flower Trail, an overnight hike in the West Coast National Park. This was a great hike, not particularly demanding although fairly long and with highly variable weather, given the season. Booking early is essential and the rest is in the hands of the weather gods! Check out the photos and read …

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George French – First Scoutmaster in South Africa

George French was born in London on 17 October 1855. Shortly afterwards his father was sent to India with the army. When George was 5 both his parents and two younger sisters died of cholera and George was sent back to England to his grandparents. Four years later his grandfather also died and George spent …

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