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About Scouting for Adults

The Scouters are the adults that volunteer to run the Group on an ongoing basis.  They all have other lives but give their time and expertise to ensuring that the scouts have a great experience at scouts. Not only must a program be produced and run every Thursday evening but weekend activities must be planned, …

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George French – First Scoutmaster in South Africa

George French was born in London on 17 October 1855. Shortly afterwards his father was sent to India with the army. When George was 5 both his parents and two younger sisters died of cholera and George was sent back to England to his grandparents. Four years later his grandfather also died and George spent …

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About Scouts

Scouts have a very varied and diverse program and no two troops are exactly the same. Here at 1st Claremont we have a program which is orientated towards the outdoors, so we try to go on as many camps and hikes as we can. Many South African troops are also orientated towards the outdoors, a …

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Rayner Trophy

What is the Rayner Trophy? The Rayner Trophy is a hiking competition for senior (over 14.5 ) scouts. It is rated as the toughest scouting competition in the world. Over a weekend a team of 4 scouts hike a pre-set route, undertaking tasks and completing STA’s as they go along. How do I get on the Rayner? …

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About Scouting

1st Claremont Scout Group is the oldest established scout troop in South Africa and indeed in Africa. Founded on the 3rd March 1908 there are few troops in the world that are older than we are and even fewer that are still operational. We are proud of our long history but it is who are are …

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Every year we enter scout competitions. This page provides access to the particular pages for each competition which has links to information from previous years including instructions, comments, marksheets and analysis. The object is to provide a resource which allows preparation for competitions to be easier and more comprehensive. It is disheartening to go on …

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Photo Galleries

At 1st Claremont when we do great scouting activities we try to take photos. We also have hundreds of photos from our long history. You can have a look at what scouting is all about by looking over the last few years of photos or you can browse our history.  

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Our history begins over 100 years ago in 1908. Robert Baden-Powell in England has published the first part of his serialised “Scouting for Boys” in January 1908. Because mail only moves at the pace of shipping, it is February 1908 before the first copy reaches the Cape Colony. Two schoolboys, Fred and Julius Stern, excited by …

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Joining Cubs or Scouts

Joining Cubs or Scouts is easy! The first step is to contact us and check whether we are currently accepting new members, or if we are full and adding new applicants to our waiting list. If we are full, we can also refer you to other groups in the area. If we are accepting new …

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